David J McLaughlin

Software Developer

Building a Kubernetes cluster on Pi Zeros

less than 2 minutes

Pi Zeros can support USB host mode, so they can simulate devices like keyboards, storage, etc. Using some minimal configuration we can get our Pi Zeros running as Ethernet gadgets. See for minimal setup instructions https://gist.github.com/gbaman/975e2db164b3ca2b51ae11e45e8fd40a

To utilize the Pi Zeros we need a host machine, another Pi is a good choice. To keep things performant I went with a Pi 4B 2 GB, we shouldn’t need too much memory, but the extra CPU performance of the Pi 4 will come in handy since it will be acting as a router for our 7 nodes.


Software Setup

Pi Zero, Raspbian Lite, modify boot files (empty ssh file, config.txt, cmdline.txt), use as golden image, flash golden image x7.

Pi 4 host, ethernet, set static ip through dhcpcd, dnsmasq for DNS server for Pi Zeros, setup dnsmasq